Our Story

What is best for the client?

Joe Piasecki worked in the financial services industry for several years before founding Maximum Wealth Strategies in 2009. He specialized in mutual funds, insurance and portfolio management. In the mid-2000s, Joe began to question whether financial companies were doing what was best for the client. In particular, he questioned how well business owners were being serviced.

Why Maximum Wealth Strategies was founded

After talking with his network of business owners, Joe determined that they had two things in common. First, owners said making money is the easy part; keeping their hard-earned money is the hard part.  Second, business owners often got conflicting advice from the various lawyers, bankers, accountants and financial advisors they worked with. Joe realized that business owners and individuals need consistent advice from these professionals so that they can keep and grow their money. All advisors must be on the same page working toward the same goal – the client’s goal. Thus, the concept of Maximum Wealth Strategies was born.

How Maximum Wealth Strategies can help you

We have put together a team of experts in fields of accounting, banking, law, tax planning and financial advising, that work with one another to fully service the client. We will work with these partners to create a plan that will allow you to earn and keep your hard-earned money.

Our mission

We aim to operate as a one-stop shop and can parachute in any expert you need on demand. Maximum Wealth Strategies wants to make your life easier by offering you a team that is on the same page, working for your best interest.