The Maximum Wealth Story


Maximum Wealth was started by Joe Piasecki (Founder & CEO) in 2009. Previous to that he worked at investors group doing mutual funds, portfolio management and life insurance. After questioning head office if they were doing the right thing for the client, and immediately being shot down, he began to pursue other options.

Reaching out to his network of business owners he asked them “What can we do in the financial Industry do to help you as Business Owners and individuals”. The response he got was “Joe, making money is the easy part. Keeping the money is the hard part. We work with accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, fund managers etc and everyone is saying something different. We don’t know who to believe. And thus, Maximum Wealth was born.

We at Maximum Wealth have put together a team of experts. Lawyers, Advisors, Mortgage brokers, accountants, you name it. Operating under one roof at the Eye For Business Center, we work as a team to assist you in all your needs saving money and more importantly time.

As a “one stop shop” we can parachute any expert on demand if you need. Life is so much easier when you have a team of experts who are all on the same page, working for your best interest.