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Sit down and get to know one of our advisors and tell us about your goals and needs for Health Benefits and/or Life Insurance. We will discuss what potential strategies that we think will work best for your situation as well as try to paint a picture of what it means over the long term. For Life Insurance needs we will go through a complete analysis to make sure everything is covered. On the Health Benefits side, we will show you the savings potential as well as the complete flexibility we can offer using Quikcard.

Business is about relationships and you need to be able to trust your advisor(s). That is why we believe in meeting in house before anything is done. We do this 100% free because we also believe you will love what we have to offer. You shouldn’t have to pay money just to explore your options. If you decide to go a different route then we will also be the first to wish you good luck. After you fill out the form, one of our advisors will try to get back to you within 48 hours (weekends included. We don’t sleep) to then try and find a time to book a meeting.

All meetings will be done at the boardroom in the Eye For Business Center located at 100-105 Fort Whyte Way.