Joe Piasecki – President

With 30 years working in the Winnipeg business market, whether that would be as a business/personal financial planner, to being an entrepreneur starting up a new business venture, to building a Winnipeg based manufacturer presence in the United States from scratch to a +$10 million dollar business, Joe Piasecki has a strong understanding and knowledge of what it takes to have a successful business.

Over these years Joe has developed strong business relationships with other successful business owners who offer skills and services that many of our current corporate clients have used in making their own businesses more successful. He enjoys assisting any business owner in learning and understanding their current business challenges and assisting them in solving these challenges.

As one of the original Co-Founders of the business network group EYE For Business, (aka: Entrepreneurs You’d Enjoy) EYE has built a group of outgoing entrepreneurs who share ideas, knowledge, problem solving solutions, experience, business opportunities and camaraderie.

With our team of “Experts” and “Professional Affiliates” we feel confident our team will be able to assist your business in achieving its goals.

We look forward to meeting you and “TAKING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL”

Cindy Smith – Executive Assistant

I began my career in the financial industry in 2004, at the reception desk of a large insurance company with over 100 employees.  I moved from the reception desk to working directly with financial advisors.  In my 12 years of experience I have gained vast knowledge of many different product lines, some of which include Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance.

I joined the Maximum Wealth Strategies team in 2012.  I quickly learned that we are very unique in our approach to helping business owners achieve their financial goals.   I have developed skills in corporations and tax saving opportunities.

Branden Stevens – Partner

I come from a “tech” background having created financial software for small businesses. I then wanted to remain in the financial services industry and joined the Maximum Wealth Team where I do financial planning and am licensed to take care of any insurance needs.

One of my goals was to be able to give my clients the complete package which is why I got my Mortgage Broker license with Castle Mortgage. This allows me to look after most peoples largest financial obligation in their life while looking at it with a holistic view.

I also work as a commercial leasing broker so that I am able to help any of our small business owners improve their cashflow or gain access to capital they wouldn’t be able to get. The goal is to be able to provide the client with everything they need. If I don’t know the answer, somebody on the Maximum Wealth Team will.

Chris McCoy – Partner

Chris comes to us with over 25 years of experience as a practicing lawyer and over 16 years of experience in the financing world from leasing to loans and mortgages.  

He is an original customer of Maximum Wealth and a strong believer in our relationship with BCV Asset Management.

He brings experience in dealing with business owners and understanding the issues that they can face from a financial perspective.  His ability to “cross examine” clients helps us to obtain the information needed to be able to put together the best possible plans and explore creative ways of arranging affairs for the best possible tax consequences in conjunction with making money.

Chris understood the benefits of the whole team approach provided by Maximum Wealth Strategies and the Eye for Business Centre.  It has worked for him and now he wants to help other people make it work for them.

Jason Fry – Partner

Jason started his financial planning career with Investors Group back in 1998.  In 2003 he was fortunate to join the team at Wellington West Financial Services who were eventually bought by National Bank and Manulife Securities.  Over the past 19 years, Jason has seen the markets rise and fall, tax strategies change and evolve and helped his clients design their own financial roadmaps towards their most important goals.

As a partner at Maximum Wealth Strategies, Jason leverages the knowledge and expertise of the “best-in-class” specialists within the group.  From the corporate and estate lawyer, to the one of the best accounting firms in Manitoba, to the investment and insurance specialists, a client’s future strategy is vetted and reviewed by the team.  This process ensures that nothing is left to chance and that every recommendation is careful considered and thought through on behalf of the client.

Jason’s is passionate about working with medical professionals and business owners to help them implement strategies to ultimately keep more of what they earn.