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Branden Stevens


Mortgage specialist with Castle Mortgage Group:

Insurance specialist with Castle Insurance Group:

Leasing specialist with Castle Leasing Group:

Services offered:


1.      Debt consolidation and mortgage restructuring to improve credit and monthly cash flow

2.      New home buying including complete credit analysis and 100% pre-approval qualification

3.      Investment properties

4.      Mortgage renewal

5.      Commercial properties

6.      Life insurance

7.      Commercial equipment leasing

My name is Branden Stevens and I am a Mortgage Specialist with Castle Mortgage Group. I started off creating financial software for a small financial business and soon after transitioned from software to Finance. While creating the financial software I saw the advantage and overall industry need to take a holistic approach to a client’s needs. Most advisors do either investments or insurance, some do both. I wanted to offer a unique package in being able to offer investments, insurance, and mortgages which is why I joined the Castle Mortgage team!

As a mortgage professional with the largest volume independent mortgage team in Manitoba, my promise to my clients is to find them the best mortgage product available to their unique situation. I make sure that you get the best interest rates available but also take into account other factors such as payment options, fixed vs variable rates, term length and more. I am here to assist you throughout the whole process of taking a mortgage application, all the way down to the closing and purchase of your new home.

My goal is to explain everything in simple terms and educate a client on their own mortgage. I work 7 days a week and am open to taking phone calls or text messages at any time for questions or concerns with regards to your house and mortgage. My services are free of charge most times, however, some unique situations that need creative financing alternatives may require that I charge a consulting fee.

Most importantly, I am part of a team. I have 100% confidence that If I don’t have the immediate answer to your question, either someone from my team or a connection we have within the industry will have the answer. This means that as a client, you get a full professional team to help you and make sure you get the best possible deal.

Branden Stevens
Mortgage, Insurance & Commercial Leasing Specialist

Value Of Debt Consolidation